Why Branding Matters for Small Businesses

Consumers want to know who they’re buying from. According to research, social responsibility is an important factor to 30% of consumers. If you want people to choose your products, you need to show them what you stand for. What Is Branding? People connect your company with specific ideas. When these ideas make a cohesive identity,Continue reading “Why Branding Matters for Small Businesses”

4 Strategic Tips to Open a Successful Business in Your Community

Maybe your friends have told you for years that you bake the best cupcakes, or perhaps you’ve always had a knack for handyman jobs. No matter the industry, starting a small business can be both exhilarating and intimidating. Incorporating these four tips from StateYourFunding can help you navigate starting a successful company in your localContinue reading “4 Strategic Tips to Open a Successful Business in Your Community”

Benefits of Secured Loans Comes as Freebie for the Borrowers

A secured loan gets its name from the security or collateral involved in the processof lending. This article has tried to find out the reason behind the popularity ofsecured loans. It has also tried to find the manner in which secured loans havewithstood challenges from several alternatives over the years. It is often seen thatContinue reading “Benefits of Secured Loans Comes as Freebie for the Borrowers”


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