Xtensio: the next step in document design tools

In the era of visuals, some parts of our society are yet to be updated to a more suitable design. The more innovative and creative industries are always at the top of the wave, but why shouldn’t everyone be? It’s time for businesses and individuals to step up their presentations with a simple yet surprisingly resourceful tool: Xtensio.

So, what exactly is Xtensio?
Simply put: a new and improved way for teams to create, manage and share eye-appealing documents and all kinds of projects. As stated above, the visual design of any product should be among the priorities of the company. People eat and buy with their eyes, so why not make the meal look more appetizing? Xtensio builds a bridge for every person who is committed to upgrading their work to cross.

How can your company take advantage of Xtensio?
Clearly, every tool serves a purpose. You wouldn’t purchase a hammer if you weren’t planning on setting up some paintings on the wall or smashing down some nails, would you? The exact same happens here. Therefore, let’s dive on everything that Xtensio can bring to the table. The main guidelines of the product remain untouched across most fields: allow your team to work together in a productive, efficient and colorful way. This applies to a broad variety of disciplines. Everything from marketing or social media to project and product management or even sales or UX designs.

How would Xtensio it improve your work?
The goal of the team behind this tool is to simplify collaboration by providing everyone involved in a project numerous options in which they can participate with each other. Furthermore, in order to establish a structured space where branded collateral (and more) is being produced, it allows the use of passwords to ensure that every part of the material is seen exclusively by who is meant to work on it. In addition to these features, the design tools are straight-forward and simple to use, making it optional to hire a designer and easier for your company to develop a unique look. Any kind of interactive media such as
videos, graphs or images can be dragged and dropped without effort. And since it’s a modern option, Xtensio syncs and saves all changes in order to keep everyone involved up-to-date. Moreover, it allows for the possibility to receive in-app notifications and personalized progress stats.

What are Xtensio’s share options?
Once you have finished your presentation, sales report or a brand collateral, it’s time to send it and sigh in relief. There are three primary options in which you can forward a project in Xtensio:
1) Share a live web link. It’s customizable and allows for passwords, while updating every change automatically.
2) Present a digital slideshow. Perhaps the clients are coming to your workplace, and you need to awe them? Worry not, Xtensio’s got you covered. You’re only one click away from an interactive presentation in which each section of the folio becomes a slide.
3) Export as a PDF or PNG. Even if it’s solely to make sure none of the work is lost on the way (which is improbable given the tools Xtensio offers regarding this subject), save the entirety of the project or specific elements in the format of your preference.
Plus, it’s significant to mention that it offers a private workspace, ideal for connecting different teams among the project, such as sales, management or the bosses.

Moving on, Xtensio possesses a unique library of templates from which you can either draw inspiration or get started with some work done. The app itself tells you how many people have utilized that before, just in case you want to make sure you’re not using the same base template as your competitors.

Ultimately, let’s take a look at the pricing. While there is a free trial in which you can experiment with a template of your choosing, Xtensio isn’t free. That would be too good, even for it. Despite this, the prices are flexible and allow for unlimited templates and modules, plus making it so the user can cancel at anytime.

WIth that being said, it might be time to consider joining the 24.340 worldwide users who have already discovered Xtensio: one of the most valuable, unique and user-friendly tools in the market. Get started today for free and judge for yourself!

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