What’s Your Money Personality & How To Improve Your Finances

Laura Evans

With the way that modern-day finances are conducted and reference checks are made for tenancies, employment, and education, having a good credit score and a perfect money personality have never been more important. 

A lot of people forget that their financial decisions can have a major effect on the way their financial profile is viewed by external organizations and how that can have a knock-on effect on an individual’s financial profile. 

As such, it’s important to remember that all financial decisions must be made with care and also to know where to access information about your financial profile to determine your money personality, should you need to improve it. 

What is a money personality?

A money personality is different to a credit score in the sense that instead of using data and numbers to define your financial profile, the character traits that your spending profile suggests are taken into account instead. 

This data includes the frequency of purchases, the amount of spending that occurs in a certain time period, any bonds that you have in savings and any investments that you have to your name.

What are the different kinds of money personalities?

There are five significant types of money personality that are commonly referred to across banks, companies and investors. 

Big Spender

These are people that are likely to pass on a bargain and splash the cash instead. This will be seen in purchases that are pre-orders, large deposits, maybe even splitting larger payments over several instalments as well. 

We may also see a high amount of debt racked up against those who fall into this category of money personality. 

The Savers 

These are the direct opposite of Big Spenders and they usually have zero to very little debt racked up and also very minimal credit activity. 

These money personalities will typically have a lot of money in a savings account and will not be taking big risks with investments.


These will usually have the most amount of transactions, but will not quite beat the Big Spenders in terms of the amount of money spent. Spending will be regular, as will debt payments. 

They are usually quite happy to find a bargain, but also may be a bit too trigger-happy with investing in anything and everything that comes their way. 


These ones are a bit too carefree with the way they manage both their outgoings and their incoming finances. Usually, there’s an imbalance and as per their name, they are deeply in debt. 

Not keeping tabs on payments and not taking the time to budget makes it hard to get out of this category. 


Lastly, these people make careful decisions with their investments and usually make quite a good return. Their good decisions usually carry over into their debts, and they find themselves on top of whatever they owe. 

How can you find out your money personality?

By using online calculators such as the ones available on Southern Finance, you can input information about your finances and figure out what kind of financial profile you have. 

This will allow you to see exactly what you look like to employers and to banks, and what you can do to get out of your money personality category if you’re unhappy with it. 

What can you do to make your money personality better and improve your finances?

This obviously depends on the type of money personality you have, but across the board, the general advice of making sure that you can keep a tab on how much you’re spending on non-essential purchases whilst also making sure you have enough money for utilities and essentials is a good way to go. 

Budgeting can save even the most desperate of people, and those in the worst of debt. If you’re a die-hard shopper, maybe it’s time to shop a bit less and save a lot more. Even for those who save until the end of the day, maybe you should make a few purchases here and there to show your credit responsibility. 

Above all, the key to having a good money personality is moderation in your finances. 

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