Financial Freedom Seminar

There are several ways you could define the term financial freedom seminar. In many
cases a seminar will be held by someone who is a financial planner as a way to drum up
more business.

In this type of financial freedom seminar, you will likely be given some pretty generic
strategies for preparing for retirement. The problem is that many of these
“professionals” get paid only when they broker some stock sales.

In other words, the more they can convince you to buy, the more they will make. In that
type of scenario, whose best interest are they really looking out for? Yours or theirs?

If you are just starting out on your savings and investment journey, attending this
type of seminar may be helpful and educational. Though at that point I think I would
hold off signing up or buying anything if I were you.

You should not just jump into something until you have more knowledge. When it comes to
investing educate yourself with a little knowledge.

No, I don’t mean going back to school or becoming a professional investment adviser,
but some knowledge will allow you to be a partner in your financial planning rather
just following along blindly and hoping for the best.

There are many places, such as your local book store or library, where you can gain a
lot of basic knowledge. That is where you should start.

Another type of seminar is geared to just that; education and knowledge. The first type
of seminar I discussed was really more of a sales pitch than true education. You might
learn a few things but ultimately the focus was to drum up more customers.

But a seminar that is geared to providing you with more knowledge (and fewer sales
pitch) can be extremely helpful. There are many well-known experts in the field of
wealth creation and most of them offer some type of training.

If you will take the time to attend several of these seminars and begin to gain
knowledge about investing, all types of investing, you will be able to be an active
participant in your financial future.

Truthfully, who would want it any other way?

I know several people who got hammered in the recent stock market debacle. The problem
was they had their money invested with a “professional”. Now, no offense to these
people but they did nothing. They sat there and just waited to see what would happen!

I mean they got paid to lose all that money! In what universe does that strategy make
sense? Knowledgeable investors rearranged their investments to get out of the risky
investments and into safer investments.

They didn’t make as much money during that period since the safer investment doesn’t make
much money, but they also didn’t lose anything either. Which would you prefer?

Do yourself a favor and keep this information in mind. Too many people turn into docile
little sheep when it comes to investing. They are afraid and uninformed. That will only
help you lose money, not gain money.

Find a financial freedom seminar (or more than one) to attend and learn a little bit
more about how to put your money to work for you

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