Financial Freedom Corporation- Anyone Can Have A Corporation

What is a financial freedom corporation? In my opinion, it is a corporation that you
put together by yourself, for yourself. Anyone can start a corporation, Just give it a
name, fill out some paperwork, put up some money and that is all it takes. You have a

Now what do you do with your financial freedom corporation? Well, are you willing to
make some changes that are necessary for the corporation to begin to work for you? If
you are here reading this article then you probably are as ready as you will ever be.
First, you need to take the responsibility for your own life. Fess up to the issues
that you have caused yourself. I realize that some of what has come along has been out
of your control but you must admit to the things that you did have control over and
messed up.

After you have accepted responsibility the rest should come fairly easily, I would
think. Admitting responsibility can be half the battle. The thing you need to do first
is to take a good long look at your financial situation. How much do you have coming in
the door as opposed to what you have going out? If you are like most of us then you
have more going out than you have coming in, right? So, what do you do?

The simple answer is to cut back or make more money. You are probably saying to
yourself, “Cut back? How can I possibly cut back any more than I already have?” Well,
find a way to earn more money then. If a small amount of money will get a couple of
small bills taken care of then try selling off some of your stuff to get them paid off.

That’s right, have a garage sale. It may just bring in enough for what you need to be
in the black at the end of every month instead of in the red. Wouldn’t that be a nice
change of pace. Putting together a garage sale is not that hard. Go through your stuff
and figure out what you want to get rid of. Pick some dates, usually over a weekend,
and make some signs. Put them out at strategic corners leading to your house. Make the
first day of your sale a Thursday. Thursdays are traditionally, the best day of a sale.

If the idea of selling off some of your stuff does not appeal to you then you can
always try to get another job. Either one that pays better or a second, part-time
position that does not necessarily have anything to do with your current profession.
Maybe somewhere you could work about twenty hours a week. If you are single then this
should not be a problem. You do not have children or a spouse to look after, you only
have yourself.

If you are married and have children you will have to work out who gets the second job
and what will happen with the kids. If you have family nearby then maybe they would be
willing to watch the kids as needed so the two of you can work. With everyone working
together then you should be able to pay down some debt and be your own financial
freedom corporation.

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