How to Improve Your Business Almost Instantly with 5 Simple Questions

“If Your Only Goal Is To Become Rich, Youll Never Achieve It”

John D, Rockefeller

Taking a few minutes to think things over can make a giant difference in your business. You’ve got to stay on the ball, and you’ve got to know what you really want. These five simple questions will help you get your future straightened out in less than five minutes.

What Do You Want Most from Your Business? 

Don’t just think about all the goals you have for your career. This should hit on personal achievements and help you clarify what you want most in life. What’s keeping you going every day? Is there some ultimate finish line that you want to reach? You need to think long and hard about your answer to this question. Motivation is everything, and you’ve got to have a big enough reason behind your actions to be successful. 

What Keeps You Awake at Night? 

Do you ever find yourself so excited that you can’t sleep? If that’s true, then you’ve got nothing to worry about here. Any exciting milestone that keeps you going is good for you, and you should incorporate it into your everyday goals. The only time this becomes an issue is when you’re driving yourself up a wall over stressful situations or problems. If you can’t get any rest because of your work, then you need to rethink your priorities. 

What Frustrates You the Most? 

It’s the little things that really wear people down over time. What frustrates you the most on a regular day? If it’s a common occurrence, then you have to chop it down at the roots. First, see if you can delegate this frustrating activity to someone else. It’s better for you to handle the most important activities without stress throughout the week. If you can’t delegate the task to someone else, then try to minimize the time you spend doing it. Get someone to help you handle the problem more efficiently, or dedicate a limited amount of time to it.

If You Could Change Anything, Then What Would You Change? 

This is where you’ll get a ton of insight and creativity that you never thought you had. It’s almost like magic because it forces you to notice things you’ve been overlooking. Think about what can be changed, and what would need to exist for that change to be successful. The key to this question is focusing on the actions you need to take. Write each step you’ll need to take to make the change you want and take action immediately.

What Would Really Satisfy You? 

In the end, everything comes down to your drive and getting where you want to go. If the business you’re in isn’t taking you down the right path, then the best time to get out is now. Consider the rewards you’ll ultimately get from your hard work. Are those the things that you truly desire? Think about everything you do that moves you closer to getting the results you want. If there’s a better way to get there, then change your course as soon as possible.

Focus on Your Happiness 

Happiness is the one thing that everyone is after. After all, there’s no point in working countless hours without getting a real payout. Consider everything that you get out of your business, and figure out what’s keeping you awake at night. Cut out every frustration you can, and take immediate action to make positive changes. Go down the path that benefits you the most, and you’ll never be a failure.

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